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Thursday, 26 Nov 2015
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Water influences health of our skin. Participating during a diaphoresis, water also eliminates pollution of a skin and clears it, the skin looks is younger and it is more healthy. The dehydrated skin loses a tonus: looks drooped and rugosity.

Bursitis - an inflammation about an articulate mucous bag. The reasons: a trauma (bruise), especially repeated, long intermittent trauma, a becoming infected of grazes, cuts in the field of a bag, etc.

Signs, current. For a purulent bursitis the acute beginning is characteristic. At a chronic serous bursitis the liquid gradually collects in a mucous bag, not causing a pain. The basic sign - the localized tumescence in the field of a locating about an articulate bag, more often on a forward surface of a knee joint or in the field of a ulnar process. The purulent bursitis can become complicated a phlegmon of surrounding soft tissues. At spontaneous opening there are fistulas.

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