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Tuesday, 31 Mar 2015
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In a brain of the person for one second occurs more than 100 000 chemical reactions.

Carcinoid (carcinoid syndrome) - seldom meeting potentially malignant hormonal-active tumour occuring from chromaffin cells. Primary localization of this tumour - in a process in the form of a worm, less often in ileal, thick (especially direct) intestine, even less often - in a stomach, a cholic bubble, a pancreas; exclusively seldom arises in bronchuses, an ovary and other organs.

Etiology. The parentage of many signs of disease is caused by hormonal activity of a tumour.

Signs, current. The clinical picture develops of the local signs caused by the tumour, and the so-called carcinoid syndrome caused by its hormonal activity. Local morbidity is taped; the attributes reminding acute or an appendicism (are quite often marked at the most frequent localization of a tumour in a process in the form of a worm) or signs of an intestinal obstruction, an intestinal bleeding (at localization in thin or a colon), a pain at a defecation and allocation with a feces of a scarlet blood (at a carcinoid of a rectum), growing thin. The carcinoid syndrome includes original vasculomotor reactions, attacks of a bronchospasm, a hyperperistalsis of a gastrointestinal tract, characteristic changes of a skin, a lesion of heart and a pulmonary artery. In the expressed form it is observed not at all patients, more often - at the metastasises of a tumour especially plural, in a liver and other organs. The most typical display of a carcinoid syndrome - a sudden short-term erubescence of the face, the top half of the trunk, accompanied the general delicacy, sensation of fever, a tachycardia, a hypotension, sometimes a dacryagogue, a rhinitis, a bronchospasm, a nausea and a vomiting, diarrhea and a colicy pain in a stomach.

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