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Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
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Water - an agent of clearing of an organism. It serves also as an agent of deducing of slags, or waste of a metabolism, in the form of urine and sweat. Imagine this process as remission of an organism of toxicants, detoxicating. It is the most important function of water in an organism.

Carcinoid (carcinoid syndrome) - seldom meeting potentially malignant hormonal-active tumour occuring from chromaffin cells. Primary localization of this tumour - in a process in the form of a worm, less often in ileal, thick (especially direct) intestine, even less often - in a stomach, a cholic bubble, a pancreas; exclusively seldom arises in bronchuses, an ovary and other organs.

Etiology. The parentage of many signs of disease is caused by hormonal activity of a tumour.

Signs, current. The clinical picture develops of the local signs caused by the tumour, and the so-called carcinoid syndrome caused by its hormonal activity. Local morbidity is taped; the attributes reminding acute or an appendicism (are quite often marked at the most frequent localization of a tumour in a process in the form of a worm) or signs of an intestinal obstruction, an intestinal bleeding (at localization in thin or a colon), a pain at a defecation and allocation with a feces of a scarlet blood (at a carcinoid of a rectum), growing thin. The carcinoid syndrome includes original vasculomotor reactions, attacks of a bronchospasm, a hyperperistalsis of a gastrointestinal tract, characteristic changes of a skin, a lesion of heart and a pulmonary artery. In the expressed form it is observed not at all patients, more often - at the metastasises of a tumour especially plural, in a liver and other organs. The most typical display of a carcinoid syndrome - a sudden short-term erubescence of the face, the top half of the trunk, accompanied the general delicacy, sensation of fever, a tachycardia, a hypotension, sometimes a dacryagogue, a rhinitis, a bronchospasm, a nausea and a vomiting, diarrhea and a colicy pain in a stomach.

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