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Friday, 19 Sep 2014
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To raise interest in conservation of a healthy teeth and gums among the huge population of China, the national holiday which name can be translated as Day of love to the teeth and which passes every year on 20-th of September has been established.

Hyperparathyreosis - the disease caused by hyperfunction of parathyroid glands.

Etiology, pathogenesis. Excess of a parathyroid hormone can be caused by an adenoma or a hyperplasia of parathyroid glands - a primary hyperparathyreosis.

Signs, current. Disease meets in the age of 20-50 years, more often at women. The general muscular delicacy, fatigability, a hypotension of muscles of the top and bottom extremities, onychalgias develop, thirst, shaking and a dedentition, growing thin, are formed stones in urinary ways. In process of development of disease the primary lesion of this or that system is taped. At the osteal and admixed forms the basic signs - an ostealgia amplifying at movement; it is long healing small fractures (more often femoral, humeral bones, ribs), formation of nearthroses, deformation of a skeleton, decrease of body height. A sluggish, shaken "duck" gait is characteristic. A thorax of the barrel form.

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