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Monday, 27 Apr 2015
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Sinusitis - an acute or chronic inflammation about nasal sinuses.

Distinguish a genyantritis - an inflammation of a mucosa of the top gnathic sinus: a frontal sinusitis - an inflammation of a frontal sinus. Disease can be unilateral or bilateral, with involving in process of one sinus or a lesion of all about nasal sinuses from one or both parties - a so-called pansinusitis. On frequency of diseases on the first place there is a genyantrum, then a trellised labyrinth, frontal and sphenoidal sinuses.

The genyantritis acute often arises during an acute rhinitis, a flu, reproach, scarlatinas and other infectious diseases, and also owing to disease of roots of four back top teeth. Signs, current. Sensation of a strain or a pain in the amazed sinus, disturbance of nasal respiration, allocation from a nose, frustration of an olfaction on the amazed party, a photophobia and a dacryagogue.

The genyantritis chronic happens at repeated acute inflammations and is especially frequent at the tightened inflammation of genyantrums, and also at a chronic rhinitis. The known role is played with a curvature of a nasal septum, close contact of an average concha with a wall of a nose, congenital narrowness of nasal courses.

Frontal sinusitis. The inflammation of others about nasal sinuses proceeds much more hardly, than. The insufficient drainage of a frontal sinus caused by a hypertrophy of an average concha, a curvature of a nasal septum, promotes transition of the Acute frontal sinusitis in the chronic form. Signs, current. A pain in the field of a forehead, especially in the mornings, disturbance of nasal respiration and allocation from a corresponding half of nose. The pain quite often intolerable, gets neuralgic character. In serious cases - a pain in opinion of, a photophobia and depression of an olfaction.

The sphenoiditis meets seldom and is usually bound to disease of a trellised labyrinth - its back cells. Signs, current. Complaints to a headache. More often it is localized in depth of a head and a nape, an orbit.

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