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Monday, 27 Apr 2015
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Archeologist R.Shliman by persistent trainings has achieved that the next foreign tongue learnt for 6-8 weeks.

Toxidermia - the lesions of a skin arising as reaction to intake, inhalation or parenteral introduction of the substances, being allergens and simultaneously possessing toxic action (chemical agents, some medicines and foodstuff).

Pathogenesis. Reaction of the slowed down or immediate type, their combination often in a combination to a toxicosis. Signs, current are various, depend on the etiological factor and features of an organism. There are scarlatiniform or morbilliform rashes, an eczematous eruption down to an erythrosis, lichenoid rashes, the purpura, etc. Process is often accompanied by a fever, an itch, sometimes the phenomena of a dyspepsia. At a medicamental toxidermia occurrence of hydropic maculae with a bubble in the center which are localized mainly on a mucosa of a mouth and a skin of genitals is characteristic. At repeated contact to the etiological factor of a rash arise on old places, but can appear and on new. The burning sensation is subjectively marked. The general condition does not suffer.

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